Hi! I'm Amit Gupta.

My projects and I have been in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Rolling Stone, on MTV, CNN, BBC, NPR, the CBS Early Show, and NBC's Today Show.

I'm a writer working on sci-fi short stories.

I occasionally advise & invest in startups and coach founders.

Before that, I sold my company, and made 1,000 people cry at once.

Before THAT, I was an entrepreneur. I started Photojojo, the world's most fun photography store, where we created clever and joyful photography gear. I launched a worldwide coworking movement known as Jelly, helped Seth Godin start a non-profit, organized unusual tech conferences, camped overnight in Times Square, lived in a commune, published a book, contributed to a WSJ best-seller with Malcolm Gladwell and others, dropped out of college to start a company called The Daily Jolt.

I also survived leukemia (thanks to the power of friends and the internet). Bizarrely, that led to a Toyota commercial with my dog. Isn't life weird?

You can email me: [current year] @amitgupta.com
Example: In 2050, you will use 2050@amitgupta.com (if email still exists)